How Much Does a Balloon Arch Cost?

Balloon style, size, location, and installation all play a role in quoting balloon costs

A 24 linear foot classic spiral balloon arch inside under ideal circumstances can be built as economically as $240.  While an organic arch the same size outside on a windy day requiring framing can exceed $650.  The easy answer is, there is no easy answer.  A trained artist must know all the factors before quoting any job.  This photo taken at one of our clients homes in Michigan City Indiana was a challange as it had to be installed in direct morning and afternoon sun for an early evening party.  We secured the balloon garland with extra rig points to combat the wind off Lake Michigan and underinflated the balloons to allow for expansion from the heat.

While helium costs remain high, some customers still prefer the traditional look of a string of pearl arch.  In Northwest Indiana, the cost for this type of arch is $4-$4.75 per linear foot.  A double door arch will run you about $100.

Things to consider:  Will the display be placed inside or outside?  What it the temperature?  Ceiling height? How wide does it need to be?  Is there a walk way or will it be against a wall?  Near stairs or a fire exit?  Are there usable rig points or will a structure need to be constructed for support?  How long will it need to last?  Air filled or helium filled?  Different styles and locations require different inflation techniques and proper framing.    Fun By The Yard has been servicing South Bend in Northern Indiana and the surrounding Michiana with balloon decor and yard cards since 2011 so you can be sure we know the questions to ask.  Please be patient as we will ask a lot of questions, but it truly is so we can give you the best product and service we possibly can.

The geographical area also plays a role in cost.   In major US cities, you can expect to pay upwards of $15 per linear foot for a standard balloon arch.  Here in Northern Indiana, the going rate is $10-$12 per linear foot.  Conversly, somone from small town USA may only charge $8 or $9 per linear foot for a standard spiral framed balloon arch.  As with anything else, you get what you pay for.  Be leary of anyone charging less than $200 for a standard small arch.  They are most likely hobbiests or won’t be in buisness long. 



Balloons can last for a few hours up to a few weeks

Let me explain.  Temperature, humidity, condensation, direct sunlight and wind all play a role in the longevity of a balloon sculpture.

Under ideal circumstances, balloons can last several days to several weeks.   Balloons like it cool and dark, so we suggest interior air-filled designs away from windows and heat or A/C vents.  In a temperature-controlled environment, we’ve had balloons last well over 5 weeks!  However, balloons outside on a hot summer day in the rain may only last a few hours.  

When considering helium balloons, a standard 11″ latex balloon untreated will last 8-12 hours.  We prefer offering a treated balloon which makes the latex less permiable allowing the balloon to float up to 6 times longer than an untreated helium balloon.  A properly trained balloon artist will know how to inflate and construct designs to offset Mother Nature, but there is truly no way to ever predict how long a balloon will stay looking fresh.



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