What is the difference between a balloon arch and a balloon garland?

A classic balloon arch spans from floor to floor like a bridge presented in a uniformed pattern with all balloons the same size. 

Classic spiral arch

A balloon garland or organic design is made of random sized balloons in random order.  Typically spanning up one side of a backdrop and across the top but can be installed in may different shapes and used for several different applications.

How much does balloon décor cost?

Minimum order for drop and go delivery – $100.  These are items like bouquets, marquees, and simple centerpieces.  They require no framing or team member installation.  Delivery fees are based on location starting at $15.
Minimum order for framed décor – $200.  These are things like arches, garlands, columns, walls, and photo ops.  Delivery and installation fees are based on location and size of order starting at $85.
Each job is quoted with location, size, color, and installation requirements in mind.  You are welcome to view our general price sheets to get a feel for what your event may cost.

How long will balloons last?

A standard latex helium filled balloon will last up to 8 hours.  Our helium filled balloons are treated to last up to 4 times longer.  While we cannot predict the exact float time, on average our latex helium balloons look great for over 2 days.  Foil balloons can last several months.

When kept in idea conditions, air filled balloons can last several days to several weeks.   To help keep balloons looking their best display in a room away from direct sunlight and air vents.  Keep at a cool constant temperature.  Balloons outside are weather dependent.  We’ve had some last days and others only hours.  It’s best to place exterior balloons over grass rather than concrete or black top, install in the shade whenever possible, and use light colors.  Left outside balloons will take on a velvety sheen appearance rather than a glossy finish.  While we are trained to combat the ill effects of Mother nature and to date have not had any issues, we caution that there are no refunds or replacements on balloons.

Will you provide balloons for our balloon release?

No, no, no, and if you didn’t hear us the first time, NO!  We take a strong stand on properly disposing of and recycling balloons.  The environment and safety is our utmost priority when it comes to striking a job.  Providing balloons for a release is the same as offering permission to litter.  We will not participate in any helium display outdoors.  We have great air filled options for memorials and celebrations that would normally ask for a release.

What size balloon drop do we need for our event?

We carry 4 standard size balloon nets.  The hold 80 – 1,000 balloons for all sized rooms.  We can recommend the perfect size(s) based on the square footage of the floor you would like covered.   The Large net is the most popular and holds about 500 9″ balloons.  Be sure to ask about our specialty shapes that add fun visual effects to your balloon drop!

What is a yard card surprise?

It is a life size greeting card for your front yard!  Imagine the look on your loved ones face when they wake up to find the whole neighborhood knows they went over the hill, had a baby, graduated, turned sweet sixteen, or has finally retired.  Whatever the life event, FBTY will help you make the announcement in a very special way with our yard card themed displays.  

Will you provide custom yard signs?

We have over 3 dozen different themes to choose from for your rental display.  However, if you have something specific in mind that is not listed, we can bring in any theme.  You must provide 3 weeks notice, the theme cannot have a copyright or trademark.  There is a $95 fee for artwork and shipping.  The display is a rental and FBTY will retain all items at the end of the rental period.
We do not sell signs like political signs or mass produced marketing signs.  You’ll want to contact a sign company for that.


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