Over The Hill Themed Lawn Greetings

Over the Hill themed Yard Greetings

Some say 40 is the “Over the Hill” birthday, others say 50, and some push it to 60. Whatever you think, Fun By The Yard has several great yard card greeting choices to surprise friends and family in the Michiana area.

Over the Hill Traffic is by far our most popular OTH theme and includes street signs with saying like “Geriatric Blvd”, “Droopy Drive”, “Wrinkle Way”, and “No U Turn for Youth”. Combine that with a personalized message board with a phrase of your choice and you’ve got a great birthday display. Our favorite fun phrase is “All signs point to John going Over the Hill”. Want to go even bigger? Add on Happy Birthday or black over the hill lawn letters, Tombstones, or upgrade to the grim reaper message board. Don’t worry, he’s only here for the cake.

Here are some fun phrases to add:

  • Honk! for (Name) He’s 50 Today!
  • All Roads Lead (Name) Over The Hill – Happy (Age) Birthday!
  • All Signs Point To (Name) Turning (Age) – Happy Birthday!
  • Read The Signs (Name) Happy (Age) Birthday!
  • Caution! It’s (Name’s) Birthday! (Age) And Dangerous!
  • (Name) Life Is Full Of Detours – Enjoy The Journey – Happy (Age) Birthday!
  • (Name) is 50 and still stopping traffic!
  • (Name’s) Youth screeched 2 a stop!
  • Caution (Name’s) geriatric years ahead!
  • (Name’s) Youth sped right past him!
  • Let the good times roll! (Name) is 40!

CHEERS to 40 years! Weather the birthday boy or girl prefers wine and champagne or beer, they will love our Cheers themed yard card greeting. It includes a yard full of either beer mugs or wine and champagne. You pair that with (no, not cheese) your choice of Happy Birthday lawn letters, over the hill lawn letters, or a personalized message board. As always, name and age are included if desired.

Over the Hill Tombstones display on your loved one’s front yard is a hilarious way to greet them the morning of their birthday. Each stone has a letter stands about 3 ½’ tall and when lined up across the lawn spell out Over the Hill. Don’t forget to add their age and name at no extra charge so all the neighbors know who is celebrating a special birthday. We’ll dress up your message with buzzards and stars for a festive touch. These include your choice of either Happy Birthday Lawn letters or a personalized message board. Need more pizazz? Why not upgrade to the grim reaper message board?

Here are some fun phrases to put on it:

  • Happy Birthday you old buzzard!
  • Happy Birthday from all the old birds
  • We buzzed in to wish Tom a happy birthday
  • Happy Birthday (name), you old buzzard!

Holy Cow! Look who’s 50 now! Your friend isn’t quite ready to be put out to pasture yet. But he/she sure will crack up with joy when waking up to baby cows standing all over their front yard. Includes a personalized message like:

  • “MOOve over, John turns 40 today”
  • “Have you herd the moos? John is 50”
  • “Holy cow! John is 40 now”
  • “60?! This is utterly ridiculous”

If a message board doesn’t MOOve you, feel free to opt for our 2 foot tall individual lawn letters to spell out Happy Birthday or Over the hill. Take it over the top and upgrade to a full yard with all of the options!

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